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Superior yield and quality of grain A.


    Grain quality
    Quality class A
    Protein content [%] 13,7
    Test weight [kg/hl] 790
    Zeleny sedimentation index [ml] 63
    Falling number [s] 385


    Agronomic characters
    Earliness MID-TERM
    Plant length MEDIUM
    Resistance to Lodging LOW
    Frost resistance EXCELLENT
    Previous crop reguirements HIGHLY TOLERANT
    Resistance to late sowing TOLERANT
    Seed rate 3,5
    Plant growth regulator need HIGH


    Disease resistance
    Powdery mildew leaf GOOD
    Powdery mildew ear EXCELLENT
    Septoria leaf GOOD
    Septoria ear EXCELLENT
    Brown rust GOOD
    Fusarium Head Blight GOOD