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    Disease Resistance
    Snow mold Good
    Powdery mildew Good
    Leaf rust Good
    Rhynchosporium Average
    Net blotch Average
    Ramularia Average/Low
    Stem-base diseases Very good
    Fusarium ear blight Good
    Barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV) Sensitive


    Grain Quality
    Quality Non-malting
    TKW (Thousand Kernel Weight) [g] 44
    Sieving fractions over 2.5 mm [ %] 70


    Agronomic Characters
    Spike type 6-rowed
    Earliness of heading Mid-term
    Earliness of ripening Mid-term
    Plant length Medium
    Number of productive tillers Medium/High
    Resistance to lodging Average
    Resistance to brackling Average
    Frost resistance High
    Cereal forecrop Tolerant
    Sowing term 20.9.-5.10.
    Seed rate 3.0 – 4.0
    Plant growth regulator need Medium/High