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About Selgen

Since 1903, Selgen a.s. (PLC) has employed leading agricultural specialists and is engaged in the breeding of new varieties of field crops. For over 110 years, Selgen a.s. has bred and registered hundreds of varieties throughout our breeding stations. These varieties have made a significant contribution to plant production. As Selgen a.s. grew, we narrowed our focus to what we do best, field crops. As we eliminated some field and garden species, we significantly increased our specialization and deepened our knowledge of field crops.

Selgen a.s. currently operates five breeding stations and one testing centre. While each of our breeding stations is specialized to breed specific crops, individual departments cooperate in field testing throughout the Czech Republic.  Selgen a.s. also tests throughout the world and selects perspective lines based on their suitability for different climatic conditions.


Селекционная программа по пшенице на селекционной станcии Uhretice, SELGEN