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Spring barley Francin


Mid-early ripening variety of spring malting barely
Recommanded for brewing of „Czech Beer“ (RIBM)
High front grain ratio
Mid-long stem (71cm) with exceptional resistance to lodging
High yields especially in beet and corn production areas
Intensive tillaring
High resistance against rusts and stem breaking
Good resistance to powdery mildew and leaf spot.

(*) less data available - new variety
(**) variety was not tested in 2011
Relative values are based on the average of standard varieties (Bojos, Sebastian, Sunshine, Laudis 550 and Vendela) in untreated variant of growing in the given area.
Scoring: 9 = completely resistant to lodging, resistant to the disease, 1 = completely prone to lodging, completely diseased
Treatment intensity:
U = untreated by fungicides and morphoregulators
T = treated by fungicides